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Chris Lanigan
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Chris Lanigan

Business Success Partner, Wanaka & Central Otago

Chris understands that knowledge and information are remedies to uncertainty. He enjoys working with business owners, asking the questions to which the answers change the actions. The majority of Chris’ professional experience over the last 20 years was with Red Bull, a truly iconic and global fast moving consumer goods company.

Chris has lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates and Australia, while gaining extensive experience in information management and financial strategies, project management, people management and international business.

He holds a Masters’ qualification in Business Administration, and brings formal yet practical solutions to business owners to cash in on the true value of their business potential.

“There is no doubt that complexity is forever increasing”.

The speed of product and marketing innovation certainly challenges business owners today to be working longer and scratching their heads at times.

The Business Success Programme provides a full and comprehensive process to review all gaps that dilute the value of the business. A key contributor to a successful improvement process is having the right mindset to the discovery and learning process, as performance is both capability and behaviour.

Chris has made the move on from the corporate world, now based with his family in Wanaka. Chris is married with two boys who are embarking on their teenage years and is enjoying the opportunity to share the benefits of living in this special part of the country with them.

We are first-time owners of a multi-faceted grocery and hospitality business. Chris’ business acumen, and accounting and finance background was absolutely essential to our organisation’s performance (particularly at this early stage of ownership) and for our ability to reach the goals we had in mind. Chris’ performance framework and wise counsel has provided integral substance to our management team. So much so that after a couple of months, the thought of not having Chris on board became a little unnerving! We’re excited about the future we are creating for our community, and most of all for our family along the way.

Hamish & Erica Mackay – Sailz Lake Hawea

We have been fortunate to be in business long enough to have seen good times and to make it through the challenging periods. We have tried to bring in consultants, coaches and mentors before but they never provided the support, guidance and direction we needed. They all seemed so busy and opinionated that it is was very hard to get the best out of them and for them to give you the time and commitment that we needed to improve and grow our business. Being able to get good people with the right technical knowledge and overall holistic approach around the table to support us as business owners was a real challenge.

We needed someone to observe all the business elements from the strategic to the operational elements and the ongoing performance management.  Someone who we could get to know our business, us and what we were trying to ultimately achieve.  Chris came into our business at a time where we really needed some help. 

Working with Chris we have been able to get clarity around what is important, deconstructed complexity and built a framework for implementing our strategic business plan.  He keeps us honest to the tasks and commitments we set ourselves while diligently preparing work in the background to keep forward momentum.  He keeps us operating “above the line”, which is very important when times are busy juggling work and family.  We really appreciate the effort and commitment Chris has given to the business and to us personally and we look forward to driving the business forward with him.  

Richard and Sarah Burdon - The Camp, Lake Hawea Holiday Park
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