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Jonathan McWatt
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Jonathan McWatt

Business Success Partner, Marlborough

Originally from Auckland, Jonathan is now based in Marlborough. He has an extensive marketing and commercial background with multinationals, specifically Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Rishworth Aviation, a global leading pilot crew leasing company. Part of these roles required extensive travel, especially across Asia Pacific.

With a strong knowledge and appreciation for the digital environment which is increasingly dynamic in today’s market places, Jonathan has led and managed major projects to enhance market acquisition and customer loyalty, whilst increasing revenues and maximising profitability. Establishing and sustaining strong internal and external stakeholder relationships is critical – a key ingredient to business success and one he takes great pride in.

Jonathan is also a small business owner along with his father. The company is in its infancy, however, Jonathan and his father’s complimentary skill sets have seen the business grow well above expectations since releasing their product to market.

Along with his professional career, Jonathan holds a first-class Masters in Commerce, specialising in marketing and international business, and holds an accounting degree – a formidable skill set that has enabled him to be analytical and results driven. He is a pragmatic and constructive thinker, who is always willing to see things through the eyes of others and learn from technical subject matter experts.

Now with a young family, the timing was right for Jonathan to relocate to live and enjoy what the Marlborough region has to offer. The whole family love the outdoors so Jonathan believes they will settle in very nicely. Jonathan is an avid gardener, below average fisherman and always enjoys cooking up new creations in the kitchen – accompanied with one of Marlborough’s fine wines.

Through the Compass South Business Diagnostic Tool I could see where to focus on my business to achieve a $200,000 plus improvement in profitability. That was achieved in the first year and since then we have achieved a further increase of that amount again through positive marketing and business growth. I can’t see us having done this without the guidance of our Compass South consultant.

Alan Poulsen Engineering

For most of us, being in business isn’t a walk in the park. We found ourselves asking questions like ‘have we found our target market, is our pricing correct, what is our “big” picture and do we really understand the figures in financial reports and fully understand what they really mean’. So we went looking for a business coach - one who we could connect with and who could connect with us. Compass South ticked all the boxes and has been invaluable ever since. Their business knowledge and experience in business in vast – all backed up with facts and figures. They're also very patient and determined to help you succeed. Priceless…  

Nelson Truck Repairs

We first started working with Compass South in July 2014. Our business was growing rapidly and we did not feel that we were in control. They worked with us to develop strategic and business plans so that our personal and business goals were understood and aligned with each other. They also worked with us to develop and implement systems and reporting to improve administration efficiency and staff productivity. Since we started working together, our business has more than doubled. Having someone independent with the skills and experience of Compass South sitting around our board table is proving invaluable. 

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