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Kevin Franks
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Kevin Franks

Business Success Partner, South Canterbury

Kevin is a resident of Timaru, who brings more than 20 years of business and project management experience to the company. He understands the technical aspects, as well as the commercial reasons, for company decisions and how they are derived. He is passionate about adding value to all his customers’ businesses as a partner in success with Compass South.

Kevin has worked as a tradesman, plant operator and plant manager. This has given him a unique understanding of the differing personalities and challenges in small and conglomerate organisations. He holds a National Certificate in Project Management, a National Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety, and an Unlimited Boiler Operation Certificate this enables him to combine hands-on experience with his large body of knowledge.

He thrives on a challenge and looks at each task with a ‘how can I make this better from the status quo?’ attitude. He will not give up until all avenues are explored and either accepted or dismissed.

Kevin has worked in the power generation, heavy engineering and marine fields both in New Zealand, Australia and Asia for New Zealand Electricity Department, Carrington Slipways, Robin Dredging, Sembawang Engineering, Siemens and Deutsche Babcock, to name a few. During this time, he has gained extensive knowledge in business and project management, being responsible for projects from simple plant alterations, to the design of specialised plants for a specific function, to large international turn key projects.

Through the Compass South Business Diagnostic Tool I could see where to focus on my business to achieve a $200,000 plus improvement in profitability. That was achieved in the first year and since then we have achieved a further increase of that amount again through positive marketing and business growth. I can’t see us having done this without the guidance of our Compass South consultant.

Alan Poulsen Engineering

We first started working with Compass South in July 2014. Our business was growing rapidly and we did not feel that we were in control. They worked with us to develop strategic and business plans so that our personal and business goals were understood and aligned with each other. They also worked with us to develop and implement systems and reporting to improve administration efficiency and staff productivity. Since we started working together, our business has more than doubled. Having someone independent with the skills and experience of Compass South sitting around our board table is proving invaluable. 

Monk Earthworks

For most of us, being in business isn’t a walk in the park. We found ourselves asking questions like ‘have we found our target market, is our pricing correct, what is our “big” picture and do we really understand the figures in financial reports and fully understand what they really mean’. So we went looking for a business coach - one who we could connect with and who could connect with us. Compass South ticked all the boxes and has been invaluable ever since. Their business knowledge and experience in business in vast – all backed up with facts and figures. They're also very patient and determined to help you succeed. Priceless…  

Nelson Truck Repairs
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