Our services help you to unlock the potential of your business, improve profit and build growth – leaving you free to get the most from life.

Improve your business – improve your life

We don’t believe business needs to be—or should be—an emotional and financial roller-coaster.

We are not like many other stuffy ‘consultancy firms’ or ‘advisers’ you may have met in the past. All our consultants have gone through the process of building their own business, most of them multiple times – we understand the journey of owning your own business at every level, from management on down.

You’ll benefit from our experience, expertise and our proven business diagnostic system while we work with you (and your team) to achieve the growth, goals and dreams you had in mind when you first started out.

We bring direction to your business!

How we help you:


Are you losing out on income that could easily be cash in your pocket? Our Business Diagnostic Tool identifies ‘Profit Leakage’ and ‘Profit Improvement Potential’ in your business.


Then, our advisors work with you on a structured framework to achieve your business goals – better profits, less stress, growing your business into a valuable asset.


We know it works! 100% of our clients showed a positive outcome from our process – improving their business performance and quality of life.

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Through the Compass South Business Diagnostic Tool I could see where to focus on my business to achieve a $200,000 plus improvement in profitability. That was achieved in the first year and since then we have achieved a further increase of that amount again through positive marketing and business growth. I can’t see us having done this without the guidance of Ron, our Compass South consultant.

Alan Poulsen - Alan Poulsen Engineering

For most of us, being in business isn’t a walk in the park. We found ourselves asking questions like ‘have we found our target market, is our pricing correct, what is our “big” picture and do we really understand the figures in financial reports and fully understand what they really mean’. So we went looking for a business coach - one who we could connect with and who could connect with us. John Hopkins ticked all the boxes and has been invaluable ever since. His business knowledge and experience in business in vast – all backed up with facts and figures. He’s also very patient and determined to help you succeed. Priceless…


Gavin & Kay Bradley - Nelson Truck Repairs

I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending and investing in Peter Lawry’s services. Peter has helped us to step back and identify and value our strengths, focus on areas to grow and logically plan the way forward. He is fully invested in improving our business to reach our new goals and his work ethic and integrity are to be admired. Peter brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table and we count on the services provided by Peter as a real asset to our company.

John Van Ameyde - Beva Computers

We first started working with Compass South in July 2014. Our business was growing rapidly and we did not feel that we were in control. Michael worked with us to develop strategic and business plans so that our personal and business goals were understood and aligned with each other. He also worked with us to develop and implement systems and reporting to improve administration efficiency and staff productivity. Since we started working together, our business has more than doubled. Having someone independent with Michael’s skills and experience sitting around our board table is proving invaluable.

Sam & Toni Monk - Monk Earthworks

We are first-time owners of a multi-faceted grocery and hospitality business. Chris’ business acumen, and accounting and finance background was absolutely essential to our organisation’s performance (particularly at this early stage of ownership) and for our ability to reach the goals we had in mind. Chris’ performance framework and wise counsel has provided integral substance to our management team. So much so that after a couple of months, the thought of not having Chris on board became a little unnerving! We’re excited about the future we are creating for our community, and most of all for our family along the way.

Hamish & Erica Mackay – Sailz Lake Hawea
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