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Compass South Gross Margin Management

Gross Margin Management

We find that many business owners do not pay enough attention to gross margin management as a way to improve profitability. The beauty of improving your gross margin is that the benefits usually flow straight to the “bottom line”. 

Compass South Health Safety Girl Injured At Work

Turning a Chore into a Challenge

The compliance side of Health and Safety, while very important, can sometimes be seen as a chore. Who likes to do what they are told, certainly my children don’t and neither did I so many years ago. But what about turning it into a goal or a challenge?

Compass South Man Work Exit Strategy

Fundamentals of Exit Planning

Most business owners do not think strategically about their exit from the business - they simply sell when they have to and are often quick to accept a price that is well below their expectations and doesn’t reflect the years of hard work the business owner(s) have put into their business.

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Knowledge Management Strategy


Knowledge management is the process of capturing, sharing, filtering, optimising, using and managing the knowledge and information in an organisation for the purposes of working more effectively and ultimately, more profitably.

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