Turning a Chore into a Challenge

The compliance side of Health and Safety, while very important, can sometimes be seen as a chore. Who likes to do what they are told, certainly my children don’t and neither did I so many years ago.

But what about a goal or a challenge?

What if we set a goal of 5,000 or 10,000 man hours worked without any lost time through injury (LTTI)?

What if we set a reward of something small to recognise achieving this, for example, a baseball cap with the company logo and 5,000 man hours with Zero LTTI?

At the next milestone the reward could be a polo shirt, then a hoodie, then a jacket, increasing in value as each milestone is met.

If we consult staff when considering the prize or at least the colour scheme perhaps, they will feel more involved and buy in to the challenge.
But how do we pay for this?

What is the cost of LTTI?

All at charge out rates as lost revenue!

So it could easily be more than self-funding in many industries.

What are the benefits of a reward based approach?

Hopefully reduced injury and reduced risk of “a big one”.

Better staff engagement as people take pride in a safe work environment, which has been shown to improve productivity.

No absence of key staff for prolonged periods through injury.

Personal satisfaction for the owners knowing “we take health and safety beyond mere compliance”.

If you would like to discuss this or other ways to improve staff engagement please call Danny Wells on (022) 095 0830 or contact your nearest Compass South trusted business advisor.

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