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Michael Hesp
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Michael Hesp

Business Success Partner, Queenstown & Central Otago

Michael is one of the co-owners of Compass South Limited and is based in Queenstown.

He has many years of experience in finance and other management roles across a wide range of industries in both the private and public sectors. He also has significant consulting experience across both sectors and is a qualified chartered accountant.

For Michael, a prime motivator to join Compass South was the opportunity to marry that experience with the proven Compass South methodologies. He is passionate about working with owners of small and medium sized businesses to reach their full potential, to improve their business profitability and value, and quality of life. “I challenge business owners and I am uncompromising in working with them in the pursuit of success”.

Since he joined Compass South four years ago, Michael has added considerable value to a wide range of businesses in the wider Queenstown Lakes area. He has a proven track record of ‘taking care of business’.

Michael has two grown up daughters, one in Queenstown and another in Dunedin.Michael and his wife Susan love spending time with their grandson and enjoy the lifestyle that the Queenstown Lakes region has to offer including the wide variety of golfing, skiing and hiking options.

Both Deo & I consider Michael Hesp of Compass South a huge support and he has been invaluable to the expansion of our business. Michael’s expertise & knowledge along with our regular meetings, phone calls & emails have kept us accountable and achieving our goals. Michael’s background has helped put systems in place so we can manage our business, stock and cash flow better. Since our first meeting with Michael we have moved into a bigger premises, built teaching rooms and hired five contract teachers. Our business continues to grow and this is all under Michael’s steady guidance. Thank you Michael, you rock.

Beck Cole & Deo Bohn - Maya Music

We first started working with Compass South in July 2014. Our business was growing rapidly and we did not feel that we were in control. Michael worked with us to develop strategic and business plans so that our personal and business goals were understood and aligned with each other. He also worked with us to develop and implement systems and reporting to improve administration efficiency and staff productivity. Since we started working together, our business has more than doubled. Having someone independent with Michael’s skills and experience sitting around our board table is proving invaluable.

Sam & Toni Monk - Monk Earthworks

Michael from Compass South helped me to take my business from the “make it up as I go along” model for the first six years to the smooth operation it is today. He had endless ideas for improvement which have been instrumental in our profits doubling in the six months since seeking him out. It’s incredibly useful to have someone who really knows business looking over my shoulder. Thanks!

Geoff Jackson – Queenstown Tech
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